A Business Owner's Guide to Navigating 2024

These are the 5 key strategies to not just survive but thrive in 2024. 

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A complete guide to navigating success in 2024.

These are the key strategies to not just survive but thrive in the ever-evolving world of small business in 2024. 


success requires adaptability

IT's probably no shock to you that there are some uncertainties when it comes to running a business And at the turn of every new year those uncertainties can swell up more than usual.


That's why I created this guide to encompass 5 key strategies that every business owner should embrace in the new year. These strategies will not only strengthen your business but clear up your time, grow your skill sets and ultimately bring you closer to a life of Sanity, Wealth, And Gratitude™ - a term I like to refer to as SWAG™.


Why should you take my word for it?

Hey there, I'm April Porter.  I show business owners how to scale their business using strategies and tactics they've never thought of before, ultimately achieving a life of SWAG™ - Sanity, Wealth, And Gratitude™.

For close to a decade I've been working with business owners to avoid these hiring and training mistakes. And now, I' sharing them with you. 

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this e-book is your comprehensive guide to entrepreneurial success in 2024