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A complete guide to hiring & training amazing leaders.

You can't put hiring a process in place until you stop making these 11 mistakes. 


Short Staffed to Super Staffed - Ask April Porter

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I have been using this as my guiding light for the past decade and the strategies still hold true today. These are the secrets of how I managed to beat out the retention rates of my industry by 4x.


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Hey there, I'm April Porter.  I show business owners how to scale their business using strategies and tactics they've never thought of before, ultimately achieving a life of SWAG™ - Sanity, Wealth, And Gratitude™.

For close to a decade I've been working with business owners to avoid these hiring and training mistakes. And now, I' sharing them with you. 

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A complete guide to hiring & training fantastic leaders

Maximize Your Workforce: 11 Hiring Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Business Owner.

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