Hi, I'm April


April Porter

The Watershed Moment

"I'm no longer going to practice Law. I'm going to open a kickboxing gym."

The District Attorney couldn't believe what I had just told him. Yes, I had put myself through college and law school, defended hundreds of crime victims, and put lots of bad people behind bars. I thought I would feel fulfilled...

...but I didn't.

I felt driven to become the master of my own destiny - and I thought owning a business was the way to achieve it.

So I left my career as an attorney and began the journey of franchise ownership.



i invested in a kickboxing fitness franchise...

and grew to four locations in less than three years, winning several awards along the way.  I mastered the trifecta of owing multiple franchise units, growing each to the top 20% of her brand and doing it while working less than 5 hours a week on the business. 



Most franchise owners were struggling. They were resentful of their franchisors for failing to provide business education and support, for perceived unfair practices and for a lack of empathy regarding the franchisee's journey.  Some of this frustration was justified while some was coming from opposing perspectives, but nonetheless, it had was hampering the franchisee's dream of financial freedom and keeping them tied to their business 24/7. In fact, franchises continue to fail at the same rate as other small businesses (50% in the first five years), even though they are supposed to be a safer bet.


it was easy for me to see why

The primary focus of most franchises is to sell franchise units quickly, rather than to nurture and support franchisees to build their own sustainable business.

DSC_1084 SEP

i had succeeded in spite of that framework ...

and my fellow franchisees started asking me how I did it. My results and my reputation inspired my election to my brand's Franchise Advisory Council and I was elected President of the Independent Franchisee Association. When the pandemic hit, I personally provided 60% of the strategies that the brand adopted to sustain and rebuild operations after mandatory shutdowns. I was named the Business Education Taskforce Chairperson for the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers and was a regular speaker for its annual conferences.  

i 've always been a champion for the underdog

So when I sold my franchise locations during the pandemic, I founded "Ask April Porter" to dedicate my attention to creating more opportunities for franchisees and franchisors through advanced business education. Applying the same growth strategies I used to expand my franchise locations, I grew my new company from zero to six-figures in just four months.  I've amassed a team of franchising experts who have experience as franchisor corporate team members, franchisees, franchise sales brokers and franchise marketing specialists.

I am the host of the #1 franchisee podcast, Infinite Franchisee and the only Facebook community dedicated to franchisees. I also moderate the Clubhouse Infinite Franchisee Club.  

Finally, I'm a #1 Amazon International Best-Selling Author through my involvement in the anthology "Fearless and Favulous: Finding Your Way Through Change and Beyond" and an inductee of the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. 

professional certifications & awards

Professional Certifications and Awards: 

  • Juris Doctorate degree - Washington University School
  • Law License - Missouri Bar Association
  • 2023 Top Influencer in the Global Franchising Industry - 1851 Franchise & SEO Samba
  • 2022 Top 10 Women of Distinction in Franchising - Success Pitchers Magazine
  • 2022 Chairman's Award for Distinguished Service to the Franchising Industry - American Association of Franchisees and Dealers
  • 2022 Top Influencer in the Global Franchising Industry - 1851 Franchise & SEO Samba
  • 2022 Bear of Excellence Award - Missouri State University Alumni Association
  • 2021 Hall of Fame Inductee - Missouri Sports Hall of Fame
  • 2019 Trailblazer Award – American Association of Franchisees and Dealers
  • 2018 Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in St. Louis – St. Louis Small Business Monthly 
  • 2017 Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in St. Louis – St. Louis Small Business Monthly 
  • 2016 Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in St. Louis – St. Louis Small Business Monthly 
  • 2015 Businessperson of the Year – West St. Louis County
  • 2014 Business of the Year – West St. Louis County
April is a warm, caring, and confident soul who instantly made me feel as though I could achieve the goals I have dreamt of for my business for so long. I highly recommend April for my fellow entrepreneurs out there who want to do more in less time. Join one of her several free events to see for yourself!
Mary A.
Franchise Owner
April’s advice provided answers I wasn’t getting from the franchisor on topics that were directly related to my bottom line, my quality of life as a business owner and priorities as a mom. April is the kind of successful person that you can't help but look up to.
Peggy C.
Franchise Owner
With April's guidance, I turned my hobby into a lucrative business in less than 60 days, increasing my sales by 200% and growing. I am done guessing which business course I should take next and who is the best expert to learn it from because April offers such a well-rounded perspective, I don't need to waste time or money on anyone else.
Vickie A.