The Most Innovative Approach to Referral Partnerships in Franchising. 


Do you want to be part of a group that cares about YOUR success & is working to put you in front of the right people? 

And what if that group worked together to advocate a single client on all aspects of their business?

The possibilities would be infinite.

We thought so too. So we created it...

Franchise Titan Advisory Logo

At Ask April Porter, we are strategic partners that honor the partnership. 

So, we created the right room to foster relationships between
franchise suppliers, pass referrals in integrity, and avoid the hoops other groups make you jump through.

  AAP Franchise Titan Advisory includes: 


An application process for all participants to ensure quality connections.

1x per month - Share whom you want to meet and how you want to be introduced.

1x per month - Receive details of your fellow Franchise Titans' referral requests for the month. 


2x per month - Attend a live meeting via Zoom with all Franchise Titans to build meaningful relationships, teach others about your business, and intentionally pass referrals.

Business categories limited to three seats so that the group remains productive rather than competitive.

Be featured as a recurring sponsor of the Infinite FranchiseeSM Show podcast.

Contribute a blog article featured on the AAP website with backlinks to your website.

Be added to the Directory of Vetted Vendors on the AAP website with backlinks to your website.

Present your expertise to Ask April Porter clients in an education module.

Grow your list by participating in Summits hosted by AAP.

Combine resources with your fellow strategic partners to reduce expenses and maximize reach at franchising events and conferences.


Collaborating to provide guidance as the members of the
Franchise Titan Advisory
may also provide a unique service to shared clients acting as an
advisory board for the success of those clients.

Join the AAP Franchise Titan Advisory

The Franchise Titan Annual Fee is $5,000