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September Events

Short Staffed to Super Staffed Webinar
September 27
12:30pm CT / 1:30pm ET

The Ultimate Recruitment Secrets Webinar.

Attract qualified leads, find the best candidates, & retain rockstar employees.

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October Events

Franchising Freaky Friday
October 13
1pm CT / 2pm ET

Join this webinar where franchisors switch perspectives and discuss a topic from the franchisee's point-of-view to discover unique and relevant strategies, opportunities, and solutions.

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Business Sanity Formula Masterclass
October 24 - 26
Daily at 12pm CT

What if you could spend 3 hours over 3 days to advance your business success by 3 years & take back your sanity? You Can!

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Future Events

Cash Injection Workshops
Multiple Dates Are Available

When business owners hear the words "cash injection" most think of going further into debt by taking out a loan or jumping through hoops to find an investor.

None of which you want to do.

When we say "cash injection" we mean finding the untapped gaps in your business and crafting a strategy that rapidly multiplies your revenues

Find money in your business you could be capturing right now!

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SWAG™ Conference
October 2024

What was the last life-changing conference you attended?
Recover Sanity, Command Wealth, And Live In Gratitude™ at the SWAG™ Conference.

Location and exact dates are TBD.

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