Recover Sanity, Command Wealth, Live in Gratitude™

SWAG™ Conference
October 2024
Location to be Determined


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What was the last life-changing conference you attended?

If you are a franchisee or small business owner, you're likely laughing. 

In the past, you've clawed your way free from your business to attend a conference hoping to get the answers to your most pressing questions. Instead, you get a lot of rah-rah, some surface level advice, and confirmation that owning a business is equivalent to buying a ticket on the struggle bus. The bright side? You make new friends on the same ride.  

But, you return to your business facing the same plateau in revenue, still frustrated with staffing challenges and no closer to a life of SWAG™.

SWAG definition

SWAG™ is still the dream...

 But, between covering shifts, training new employees, balancing the business checkbook, managing the marketing efforts, and every other responsibility, the dream may seem further away than ever.

What if you could capture SWAG™
in one place, at one time, with one mission?


Hi. I'm April Porter
and I get it. 

I was an award-winning multi-unit franchisee who was tired of reviewing the basics year after year when I longed for the business education and mentorship to build a business empire. When I didn’t get it from my franchisor, I created it, and now I share it with other franchisees and business owners looking to create the life of their dreams.

So, where do franchisees that are eager to learn and ready to scale go to uncover the latest business tactics, cutting-edge growth strategies, and a network of highly successful entrepreneurs with the resources to shrink the time to their ultimate vision of success?

The SWAG™ Conference!

April Porter

The SWAG™ Difference

The SWAG Conference takes you on a journey to rediscovering the passion behind your original investment in business. 
Days 1 & 2
General Conference Sessions
Business experts lead sessions focused on providing the tools to increase profits, reduce stress, inspire your team's performance, work less hours, understand the path to reaching your ultimate vision, make time for the things that bring you joy, and feel empowered to take actions that accelerate SWAG
View the Full Agenda Here

Day 3 Claim Your SWAG™ Workshop*
(aka Get Sh!t Done Day)
Shrink your time to SWAG with a single day co-working intensive. 

You'll focus on your individual business and work hand-in-hand with SWAG™ experts to customize the lessons for your industry and geographic area. Moving from station to station, you'll craft strategies and processes in the areas of marketing, hiring and employee retention, and time optimization.

View the full Agenda Here

*The workshop is included in VIP tickets and can be added-on to a General Admission ticket.

 This Conference is 

 Your Chance to Experience SWAG™ 


Sanity Sessions (2)

Sanity Sessions

Sanity is the
elimination of chaos.
Learn how to build a business where you no longer scramble to cover shifts, walk-in on Monday with a million fires to put out, or stress over a to-do list that never gets shorter. Discover how to redesign your time to focus on the things that matter most – yes, business growth, but also eating dinner with your family, weekend outings with friends, vacations to relax and unplug. 
Sanity Sessions (1)

Wealth Sessions

Wealth is the
rejection of scarcity.

Explore the little-known strategies that attract more customers, inspire them to invest more in your services, and turn them into raving fans that send a consistent stream of referrals. Become a marketing metrics expert to spend less for record results. Unveil opportunities for expansion and multiple revenue streams.

SWAG Gratitude Sessions

Gratitude Sessions

Gratitude is the
banishment of fear. 

Rediscover peace of mind and trust that you are capable of achieving your dreams. Experience the joy of evolving past the belief you have to do it all and witness the enhanced impact this has on your customers, you team, your family, and most importantly, on the way you feel about yourself. Become the confident executive you were born to be.

SWAG Expert Speakers

Expert Speakers

Teaching you how to
have it all

Hear from and interact with masters of SWAG™ that understand the highs and lows of business ownership and the nuances of franchising. Their knowledge, experience, and methods inspire strategic thinking, ignite accelerated growth, and prove you can have it all – Sanity, Wealth, and Gratitude™!

SWAG Tangible Takeaways

Tangible Takeaways

Reap the rewards
of your efforts

Rather than inspiring sessions with fluffy content about what you need to do, you’ll receive actionable takeaways to shrink your time to SWAG™. With the seeds of knowledge, the materials from your sessions, and the tangible tools of implementation, you'll be equipped to train your team on new processes and reap the rewards of your efforts immediately upon returning home. 

SWAG Meaningful Connections

Meaningful Connections

You're not alone.
Meet your tribe.

Business ownership can be lonely. You need a tribe that understands what you are going through, offers a hand when you are down, inspires you to reach new heights, and celebrates you when you do. At the highly interactive SWAG™ Conference, you will meet business owners that started where you are and now own empires, experts that generously provide guidance to fill the gaps of your knowledge, and friends that you can call when no one else will understand.

Who Needs SWAGTM?


At Ask April Porter, we hear the same story from franchisees time and time again.

You invested your life savings, 401Ks, blood, sweat, and tears into opening a franchise unit to reach your unique vision of success, different from other franchisees’, and even the franchisor’s, definition.

But, once you mastered your franchisor’s training, you found your life didn't match your original vision - working more hours than ever, making less money than you expected, and sacrificing time with those that mean the most to you.

Now, you may be living in chaos, covering shifts and putting out fires, scarcity, wondering when the next customer will walk through the door, and fear that failure is just a few months away. You likely still have a million questions about how to reach that unique vision that inspired you to sign your franchise agreement in the first place.

The SWAG™ Conference fills that gap, introducing you to concepts “you don’t know, you don’t know,” and taking you to Sanity, Wealth, and Gratitude™.

Small Business Owners

You hear us talk a lot about franchisees, so you may be wondering if the strategies and solutions taught at the SWAG™ Conference apply to you - a small business owner.

The answer is 100% YES!

We'll let you in on a little secret, - franchisees are small business owners. Just like you, they are responsible for hiring their teams, marketing their locations, doing all the bookkeeping and admin work, making all the decisions, and wearing all the hats. 

The big difference between you is that franchisees signed a contract promising to follow specific rules and regulations set by the franchisor.

Basically, they have someone to, answer to whereas you have unlimited freedom in the way you run and grow your business!

So, grab a seat at the SWAGTM Conference to learn how to take your business and your life to Sanity, Wealth, and GratitudeTM as fast as possible. 

Who knows? Maybe you'll decide your vision of SWAGTM includes becoming a franchisor...

Emerging Franchisors

We noticed something…

The franchising industry is full of conferences – some to help educate franchisors, others to introduce future franchisees to their dream brand, and still others to influence legislators on the needs of the franchising industry.

But, the only business education opportunity for franchisees is their brand’s annual conference.

For emerging franchisors, an annual brand conference is a huge undertaking, often beyond the budget and bandwidth of the corporate team at the early stages of brand development.

Until now.

The SWAG™ Conference is specifically designed to provide high-level business education to franchisees and make emerging franchisors look good.

To learn more about how to participate in the SWAG™ Conference click here. 


April Porter is in the business of helping owners build business empires. That includes YOU!

An enthusiastic franchisee can onboard more clients for a supplier than the best franchisor. 

Unfortunately, in the franchising world, you have many opportunities to complete for the attention of franchisors, but only limited opportunities to interact and connect with franchisees.

And, meaningful connections rarely happen when you are stuck behind a booth waiting for the right franchisee to find you. 

AAP is acknowledges that suppliers are valued members of the franchising and  community. That's why, when you choose to sponsor the SWAG™ conference, you are treated as a customer, provided quality services for your investment, and given the appreciation you deserve. 

To learn more about sponsoring the SWAG™ Conference click here.

Our Clients Know the Invaluable Effect of 

the SWAG™ Conference


April is amazing in what she does. She helped me get un-stuck by helping me shift my mindset, create better sales and marketing strategies, and by teaching me to manage my time better. April is genuinely interested in my success, and she makes advanced strategies easy to understand. With April, you truly have someone in your corner who will listen, give it to you straight, and who will help your business grow.

Marcela B.


I first spoke with April about her business at a networking event and was immediately drawn to her confidence and eagerness to help other people also succeed in business. I quickly joined one of her free masterclass sessions and realized my first impression was accurate in that she is genuinely invested in the success of others. In such a short time, she has helped me to shift my business mindset, focus on my time management and is helping to develop me into a better leader as I grow my business. If you feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere as a business owner, I would highly recommend that you reach out to April.

Cheryl P.


April is excellent at zeroing on "the" issue and giving clarity to what needs to happen for your preferred outcome. Working with April, I have a clear plan, am working that plan, and make sure that I am noticing the WINS along the way. While I might have accomplished this on my own, working with April and her team has definitely shortened this process considerably.

April's marketing ideas are amazing! She truly is a gifted outside of the box thinker in this area and she generously passes along these ideas to many of us in her program. The same could be said of her genius for teaching how to stand out from the crowd in recruiting quality employees. I had to turn off my job listings so that I could keep up with the number of applicants.

Her knowledge of franchising is extensive and her contacts in that world are exceedingly helpful as her client.

Most importantly, you can tell that April cares about me as a client and about her team - which truly is a great team. She is invested in the outcome for me as a client and this matters to me. I highly recommend working with April and her team if you are a frustrated franchise owner.

Andrea T.


Frequently Asked Questions

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This conference will be life-changing