Leverage the

SWAG™ Conference
to unite your franchisees.

Emerging Franchisors partner with
the SWAG™ Conference
to introduce Sanity, Wealth, and Gratitude™ to their franchisees.

We noticed something…

The franchising industry is full of conferences – some to help educate franchisors, others to introduce future franchisees to their dream brand and still others to influence legislators on the needs of the franchising industry.

But, the only business education opportunity for franchisees is their brand’s annual conference.

For Emerging Franchisors, an annual brand conference is a huge undertaking, often beyond the budget and bandwidth of the corporate team at the early stages of brand development.

Until now.

Introducing the SWAG™ Conference, specifically designed to provide high-level business education to franchisees and make emerging franchisors look good.

Franchisors that partner with the SWAG™ Conference
get the best of all worlds...

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Private Time for
Your Brand

Obviously, you want your franchisees to increase their business knowledge, expand their thinking, and ignite a desire to grow. You also need them to connect with the brand culture, celebrate brand accomplishments, get excited about where the brand is going, learn brand best-practices and receive brand awards.
Franchisors that partner with The SWAG™ Conference will receive private space and time to focus on your brand-specific priorities without missing any sessions applicable to all attendees.
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Diverse Sessions to Delight Franchisees

People are tired of the same old conference sessions - panels, lectures, and roundtables – Blah!

SWAG™ is exciting, fun, and interactive with a mix of sessions designed to forge long-lasting relationships, provide Big Business Wins, and pour confidence, support, and peace of mind into everyone in the room. We won’t spill our secret formula here, but your franchisees will have a hard time choosing their favorite session, feeling that each moment was time well-spent. 

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Tangible Takeaways
(Easy-to-Implement )

While a conference should include “Rah-Rah,” the participants need tangible takeaways to avoid feeling empty once they return to home. Throughout the SWAG Conference, attendees will participate in hands-on exercises, creating strategies and content that is ready to plug-and-play in their businesses the following week.

As you work alongside them, you can collaborate as a team applying the strategies to the model and creating a stronger franchisee/franchisor bond. 

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Expert Speakers

Great speakers are essential to a great conference. Franchisees crave learning new and exciting ways to grow their businesses from well-known experts – that aren’t their franchisors. (You know it’s true). The SWAG™ Conference brings in the best to guide franchisees to think bigger about how to scale their profits and team, while sticking to the model.
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Networking with
Industry Leaders
One of the best ways to accelerate franchisee growth - surround your franchisees with peers living in the level of success they aspire to. At the SWAG™ Conference, both franchises and franchisors benefit from the extraordinary community. Your franchisees will be exposed to powerhouse professionals with 20+ years in business, award-winning multi-unit owners, $1M earners and more. Plus, peer franchisors and business owners that have grown empires will be in attendance and you get private time with them at our exclusive Franchisor Breakfast.
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Innovate with
Business operations are ever-evolving. Finding the right partners to help your franchisees work smarter is essential. Meet the owners of up-and-coming companies that are making a huge impact on franchisee profitability and quality of life with technologies and benefits such as team recruitment, development and retention, affordable benefits like group medical insurance and 401Ks, innovative local marketing initiatives, and more. Many of these resources are exclusive to the SWAG™ Conference.
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Strengthen the Zor/Zee Relationship

At the SWAG™ Conference, you attend with your franchisees, fostering a team mentality. Natural conversations between the franchisees and the corporate team unfold about the content, speakers, and exercises that just can’t happen when the franchisor designed every aspect of the presentation. Breaking down the barriers of “them and us” and beginning to foster a culture of “we” is one of the biggest benefits of partnering with the SWAG™ Conference.

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Introduce Franchisees to Your Approved Vendors

In addition to exploring new solutions, you can introduce your franchisees to your current line-up of approved vendors and get an instant return on your investment in the SWAG™ Conference! When your Approved Vendors sign-on to sponsor and attend SWAG™, you provide the opportunity for your franchisees to invest in approved services on the spot and you receive a referral bonus from AAP!

The SWAG™ Conference is an intimate collaboration of mind and spirit. Attendance is limited and exclusive to franchise systems that believe a franchisee’s Sanity, Wealth, and Gratitude™ is essential to building a franchise business empire.

In 2024, we can accommodate no more than 8 franchisor partners.

To learn more about joining this elite group...