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We all know that the
 strongest lead  is a referral &
 to consistently receive quality referrals you need meaningful relationships with strategic partners.

How many times have you...

Connected with the Perfect Fit...
Someone who shares the same audience, is in alignment with your mission, and is just a good person. 

Agreed to a Strategic Partnership...
To actively refer qualified leads to one another. 

And, Never Heard from Them Again?
No referrals. No introductions. No momentum at all.


49 (1)-1
The Problem Isnt (1)

There is the  vendor  who is looking for more exposure, but feels "pushy" connecting someone to a service provider, so they'd rather rely on proven marketing tactics to attract new leads, 


The  Strategic Partner,  who is is generally an extrovert that enjoys connecting people, instantly spots an opportunity to suggest a helpful solution, and is constantly introducing the people they trust most...

 The Key  to overcoming networking headaches is to choose which type of networking fits you? 

Then, get in the right room. 

At Ask April Porter,
we are Strategic Partners that honor the partnership. 

So, we created the right room to foster relationships between franchise suppliers, pass referrals in integrity, and avoid the hoops other groups make you jump through.


AAP Strategic Partners


This syndicate eliminates the pitfalls of traditional networking by setting up the participants for success with clear expectations, easy-to-follow action steps, and qualified connections. We do all the work of keeping the group members engaged and participating, so that you stay top of mind when the opportunity arises to refer someone to your business.

Strategic Partner Syndicate Black&Gold-1

AAP Strategic Partner Syndicate includes: 


An application process for all participants to ensure quality connections.

1x per month - Share whom you want to meet and how you want to be introduced.

1x per month - Receive details of your Strategic Partners' referral requests for the month. 


1x per month - Attend a live meeting via Zoom with all Strategic Partners to build meaningful relationships, teach others about your business, and intentionally pass referrals.

Claim your business category so that the group remains productive rather than competitive.

Opportunities to sponsor AAP live events and the Infinite FranchiseeSM podcast.

Guest opportunities on the Infinite FranchiseeSM Show podcast.

Opportunities to present your expertise to Ask April Porter clients in an education module.

Opportunities to grow your list by participating in Summits hosted by AAP.

Opportunity to earn the Ask April Porter Vetted Vendor seal.


Become an AAP Strategic Partner

Apply to the Syndicate Directly

You may apply to become an AAP Strategic Partner without sponsoring the SWAG™ Conference. 

It is free to apply and interview. Upon acceptance, your AAP Strategic Partner Syndicate membership fee is $3000 for 12 months.

Sponsor the SWAG™ Conference

The SWAG™ Conference is the only conference designed to educate and develop franchisees and small business owners in the advanced strategies needed to scale to a lifestyle of Sanity, Wealth, And Gratitude™. 

Some sponsorship levels include a one-year membership in the AAP Strategic Partner Syndicate.