Short-Staffed to Super-Staffed

The Ultimate Recruitment Secrets Webinar.

Hosted by Ask April Porter.

Attract qualified leads, find the best candidates, & retain rockstar employees. 

Hiring can be a challenging endeavor, with frustration mounting after investing time & resources in searching for & training new hires. 

But here's the truth: You haven't been equipped with the right strategies to attract & retain high-quality employees. That's all about to change.

Introducing Short-Staffed to Super-Staffed, a game-changing webinar designed to supply you with proven techniques to build and maintain a strong workforce. 

Join us on either
Tuesday, September 12th at 12:30 pm CT or
on Wednesday, September 27th at 12:30 pm CT
for this exclusive, free live event.

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Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn:


Attract Qualified Leads

Fill your interview schedule with top talent who want to work for you and repel the leads who just "want a job".

Ensure Applicants Show Up

Implement techniques to minimize "ghosting" and encourage applicants show up with enthusiasm and interest.

Stick with your Budget

Learn the secrets to enticing the best candidates without compromising your budget while wages skyrocket.

Retain & Inspire Employees

Aquire strategies to embolden your employees to contribute to the growth of the business & care about it as much as you do.

Imagine the relief of having a dedicated, high-performing team that not only serves your customers but also fuels your business's growth. With these little-known, easy-to-implement tactics, you can supercharge your staff and unlock your business's true potential.


Your Host
April Porter

April is the Founder and CEO of Ask April Porter, the world's only franchise strategist who has been an award-winning multi-unit franchisee and experienced the loneliness and stresses that come with that title. 

Now, she has made it her mission to support you and the success of your business, teach you how to avoid all the mistakes that amplify the chaos you feel and instead, capitalize on the opportunities in your business that will bring you SWAG™ - Sanity, Wealth and Gratitude™.

Join April as she hosts the Short-Staffed to Super-Staffed Webinar, while you gain access to the invaluable knowledge she has accumulated over the years, resulting in employee retention rates 4x higher than the industry average.

Discover these practical strategies that can make a significant impact on your hiring process and staffing longevity.

April Porter

Don't let the challenges of hiring & retention hold you back any longer. Unlock your business' full potential and transform your recruitment and retention practices!


Join us September 12 or 27 and transform your recruitment game forever!