What if you could spend 3 hours over 3 days to advance your business success by 3 years?


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for a free LIVE virtual Bootcamp especially for Franchisees.

March 21 - 23, 2023 at Noon CT


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2023 promises to be WILD with the onset of inflation, a looming recession, continuing staffing shortages, changes to consumer buying habits, and franchisees overworked and unrecovered from the stress of the past three years.

I've been where you are and found a way to build my business to meet my dreams. That's why I created this bootcamp! To teach you the actionable steps to take to break through that cage and claim your excellence. Why? Because I wished I had someone show me how to break through instead of stumbling upon answers myself.

Release Your Business Beast and wrangle these challenges with ease while building your business to meet your dreams. (Register Below)

In just 3 hours over 3 days, you'll learn how to:

  • Discover and eliminate the unspoken factor that prevents you from getting ahead even when you are doing all of the right things.
  • Adapt to the economic changes and use them to your advantage.
  • Meet your customers' evolving expectations without breaking the bank.
  • Attract, hire, and retain the talent you need to support you.

Join the free LIVE virtual Bootcamp especially for Franchisees March 21 - 23, 2023 at Noon CT each day.

Let's release your full business potential in 2023!

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During this practical, action-oriented LIVE Bootcamp,
you'll complete hands-on activities to...

Day 1
1 PM ET/ 10 am PT

Break the Hustle Habit and the Revenue Plateau to Access the Beast-Boss Inside You

Day 2
1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT

Stop Being Controlled by Your Business & Command Your Hours like the King/Queen of the Jungle

Day 3
1 PM ET/10 Am PT

Become the Alpha Leader by Recruiting & Hiring Top Talent for Consistent, Predictable Revenue Growth

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Why Listen to ME?

Hi, I’m April! And ten years ago, I was standing where you are. With my franchise training behind me and my doors open, I was frustrated that my life was so far from what I had envisioned when I decided to leave my job as an attorney and open a franchise business. 

But I'm also someone who doesn't give up easily... or ever for that matter.  So I dug my heels in and figured out a better way.

So much better that I ended up opening 3 more locations in less than 2 years and was named one of the top franchisees in the country. My approach to franchise ownership created explosive growth

I used a strategic plan to motivate and empower every employee, allowing me to delegate daily tasks and become an absentee owner. While my fellow franchisee owners were spending every waking hour in their business (the very same franchise model I had), I was working less than part-time on all 4 of my locations...combined!

So it was no surprise when fellow franchisees started asking me what I was doing differently that led me to so much success while they remained stuck. 

That's how "Ask April Porter" was born. I've taken everything I learned in the trenches  and put it into a repeatable system that other franchise owners can apply to their businesses. 

Now I'm fulfilling my mission of teaching franchisees how to fill the gap between their reality and the dream life they envisioned when they signed their Franchise Agreement. 

In short, I help franchise owners accelerate their growth & profits in record time. I can teach you too.

When you sign up for this Bootcamp, you'll get OFF the treadmill for 1 hour each day for 3 days, and learn how to get ON the path to freedom.

Don't wait. You deserve this.


Don't make the mistake of saying
"I don't have time for this ".

When I was thinking about creating this Bootcamp, I wanted it to be substantial and actionable. I knew I couldn't teach what franchisees need to know in just an hour. In fact, I knew I felt COMPELLED to share MORE than just a cursory overview of what I figured out. 

But I also knew that you might be feeling like me at the beginning of my journey...going in a million different directions, crazy busy and always doing two things at once to make it through the day. 

So instead of shorting the content or holding a full-day Bootcamp, I decided to spread the Bootcamp over 3 days. 

That means by setting aside just 1 hour a day...like your lunch break...you can learn the powerful strategies and tactics that will help you get unstuck and propel you forward to success.

It also means you have time to digest what you learn, come back with questions, get answers and implement what I'm teaching.

So instead of thinking, "I don't have enough time," ask yourself this question...

"Is spending 1 hour of my day too much to ask to skip several years of painful trial and error?"

Even if you learn just one thing, I guarantee you'll be ahead of where you are right now! (And I promise, you'll learn way more than just one thing.)

So register for the Bootcamp now.

When we're ready to begin, grab your favorite lunch, grab your computer and lean in to what I'll be teaching.

Because you know what tastes even better than a great lunch?

The sweet taste of success!