Want a Marketing Genius at your fingertips?

Today is your lucky day.

When it comes to marketing, you are probably in one of these three groups...

Lost at Marketing Sea

You may wish you could snap your fingers and go back to 1995 when marketing was "simple". No social media. No dancing Face-tok-grams that needed to be posted in order to stay relevant. 

Plus, trying to keep up with what's trending nowadays is impossible, and who can afford to pay for ads that don't push enough customers through the doors? 

In the back of your head, you know (or so you've been told) that your business needs to be marketing to grow. But, you're doing ok and you just don't have the desire to open that can of worms.

Raise the Mast & Sail Away

You know that marketing strategy is a beast. Everything is supposed to tie together, but you're not really confident in how to make it do that, so you hire someone you like and trust them to make it work. 

Plus, you are busy running the business. You don't have time to research platform updates,  are at a loss of how to write an effective email funnels, and find marketing metrics to be a foreign language.  

To be honest, "ain't no business owner got time for that!"

So what do you do? Set it & Forget it. You go with the marketing company that your Franchisor suggested,  or that another business owners is using, or that you met at a networking event. They handle it and the amazing results come rolling in.... or so you are hoping. 

Driving a Strategy Speedboat

You intentionally design your marketing tactics using the Double Sales Funnel and are measure your results by the metrics. 

You are happy with the consistent leads coming through the door. The only problem is, you have no bandwidth or desire to keep up with the constant changes in marketing trends, algorithm updates, and viral opportunities. 

Plus, you know that consumer buying habits will be changing in 2023 because of the recession, and you aren't sure how to tweak your strategy to adapt to an economic change you've never experienced before. 

  Introducing the  
MegaProfit Marketing Academy Ask April Porter

A marketing resource designed specifically for Franchisees and Small Business Owners

What if you had a marketing expert on your team who could...

  • Guide you through marketing strategies specific to your business
  • Provide simple marketing changes to multiply your profits
  • Teach you the latest in copywriting, design, networking, metrics, all things social media, etc.
  • Show you how to make compelling campaigns that increase reach
  • Gives you marketing templates ready to use
  • Introduce you to a community of like-minded business owners
  • Invite you to special events throughout the year

That is exactly what the MegaProfit Marketing Academy provides!
The marketing know-how to transform your results from blah to BOOMING!

Meet the Marketing Geniuses
at your fingertips...


April Porter

The Strategist 

Hi, I’m April! And ten years ago, I was standing where you are. With my franchise training behind me and my doors open, I was frustrated that my life was so far from what I had envisioned when I decided to leave my job as an attorney and open a franchise business. 

But I'm also someone who doesn't give up easily... or ever for that matter.  So I dug my heels in and figured out a better way.

I applied the strategic mastery I'd developed as a trial attorney to marketing and started getting calculated results. Every. Single. Time.

See, small business owners have to wear multiple hats and can't be experts in everything. In trying to juggle it all, marketing strategy takes a backseat to marketing necessity - meaning owners market because they need to, without understanding how to compel customers to take action through psychological triggers and emotional drivers.  

Instead, most use trial and error - like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks.  

Put down the spaghetti and let's get predictable results every single time. I'll show you how inside the Mega Profit Marketing Academy.


Lauren Seiler

The Jack of All Trades 

Hey there! I'm Lauren. Remember all the way back to 2011?  That is when I began my creative career as a graphic designer for a marketing company. Since then my experience and expertise grew to encompass, social media management, copywriting and photography, mastering the art of networking, managing business, funnel creation, website building, and gaining recognition for my sales skills. 

I have learned a lot and there is a lot to keep on learning! Such as the new social media trends that seems to come out on the weekly.

Think of me as your encyclopedia for all your creative marketing endeavors  inside the Mega Profit Marketing Academy. 


Guest Gurus

Marketing Specialists

There is a lot to understanding all the ins and outs of marketing. And even though we have an impressive catalogue of marketing knowledge, we will be the first to tell you that we don't know everything! 

When we recognize a gap, we fill it by inviting our network of marketing gurus to weigh in on their specialties, like: 

  • Leveraging Google reviews to build SEO
  • Building the perfect email funnel.
  • Overcoming paid ad frustrations
Not only will you have ongoing access to lessons by these specialists, but you will also have opportunities to meet them face-to-face in the Academy's monthly meetings and at Ask April Porter's special events.

You need the MegaProfit
Marketing Academy

Social Media is like a foreign language to you. The MPM Academy makes Social Media easy and understandable so you can go from just getting buy managing a couple of platforms with quick copy and stock photos to maximizing your visibility across all platforms and overtaking the competition.

You love everything to do with marketing, but you do not have a strategy for your efforts. The MPM Academy will help you craft the pathway your customers will travel to interact with you faster, love you more, purchase larger transactions, and refer everyone they know. 

You want to have someone take this off your plate, but you've been burned by so called "experts" in the past. The AAP team and community inside the Academy genuinely care for your marketing success and have the knowledge to help you reach your goals. And we will teach you how to never be swindled by another ad agency again. 

The Details:
Wondering what the MegaProfit Marketing Academy
looks like behind the curtain? 

MegaProfit Marketing Academy Resource Library
Modules covering marketing strategies in topics like: Customer Avatar, Brand Awareness, Compelling Offers, the Follow-Up Roadmap, Your R4 Program, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Video Production, Funnel Building, Buyer's Barriers, Understanding Social Media Strategy By Platform, Leveraging Franchisor National Marketing into Your Local Marketing Strategy, and more. (The portal will officially open on Jan. 1, 2023.)

Stellar Marketing Templates
Learn a strategy and customize it to your product, service, business, and brand with proven marketing templates to plug-and-play

Monthly Zoom Meeting with the AAP Experts
Monthly Live Face-to-Face meetings with marketing experts to receive feedback on your ideas and efforts, answers to questions, new explanations to challenging concepts, and acknowledgement of your efforts!

Access to Private Facebook Group
Lean on a community of peers to ask questions 24/7, get feedback on designs, learn how others customized the strategies, explore tweaks to optimize results, get engagement on your social media posts, and celebrate your progress!

Invites to Special Events
Want to get more done in less time? Throughout the year, Ask April Porter hosts live workshops and events where we learn a strategy, create the implementation materials, document the process to duplicate it so you can immediately put it into play in your business and delegate execution to you team. As part of the AAP family, our Academy members will receive an invite. 

Say YES to becoming a Marketing Master!

MegaProfit Marketing Academy


per month

Here is what's included:

MPM Academy Resource Library containing Marketing Lessons Galore

Monthly Face-to-Face Zoom Meeting with the Experts

Community & Accountability inside the Private MPM Academy Facebook Group 

Stellar Marketing Templates

Exclusive Invites to Special AAP Events

 Don't take our word for it. Hear from business   owners who have worked with April and   Lauren in the past! 

"A friend of mine introduced me to April when we were talking through a business launch idea. I had one call with April and she was extremely helpful! She did a fantastic job of listening to the details of a complicated launch with a lot of moving parts. She not only gave me some valuable advice, she also shifted my perspective to see the problems and solutions in a different light. Very thankful to have been able "Ask April Porter," it was awesome!"

Dallas B.
Founder ThinkGrowThrive
Greenville, SC

"April's marketing ideas are amazing! She truly is a gifted outside of the box thinker in this area and she generously passes along these ideas to many of us in her program. The same could be said of her genius for teaching how to stand out from the crowd in recruiting quality employees. I had to turn off my job listings so that I could keep up with the number of applicants."

Andrea T.
Owner Prime IV Hydration & Wellness
DelRay Beach, FL

"I have loved working with Lauren and love her excitement when clients succeed. She is a true asset to her team and her extensive knowledge of marketing in this digital age is phenomenal."

Cheryl P.
Founder Rose & Hook
St. Louis, MO

"Lauren Seiler is one of the most gifted sales/marketing professionals I have had the distinction of collaborating with. Though, her strengths are not limited to only sales/marketing. Lauren utilizes her creativity and intuitiveness to help solve her clients’ problems regularly. She also is empathetic and transparent, truly caring for others, and the results she garners demonstrate this. She is regularly recognized as a top-performer and is fearless; yet remains humble and centered. Lauren is a great leader and has my full endorsement."

Karlo R.
Insurance Broker
San Antonio, TX

There is an easier way to marketing. One that is uncomplicated and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
If you are ready to change your marketing game forever, join the MegaProfit Marketing Academy.


While this is does cover a wide range of questions, you may have another question you need answered before joining the academy. If you do not see your question here email us at team@askaprilporter.com