Wealth-Building Workshop

Redesign your time to build wealth everyday.

Learn how to overcome any slump by managing your time.


February 16 | 11am CST

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Ready to easily build wealth in your business?






On February 16, join us for a LIVE, 2-hour hands-on workshop
with April Porter, where she shares the time-bending tactics that allow you to focus your efforts on the wealth building activities every day.

You will leave with a clear path to dominate 2024 and usher in:  - time saving behaviors that inevitably create freedom and sanity - CEO-level decision-making confidence  - wealth-building strategies to execute each day


You have the intelligence & ability to get there, you’re just missing the blueprint to make it happen.

The Everyday Wealth-Building Workshop is designed to walk you through:
  • organizing your days,
  • prioritizing your tasks, and
  • discovering the strategies to take you from just surviving to thriving in your business.

Plus, NEVER having to second-guess yourself with thoughts of “How can my results be so slow when I’m working harder than ever?” “I’m working so many hours to get us to success, but I feel like I’m letting my family down every day…” “Is it me? Am I just not cut out for this?” 


 "April breaks down information in easy to follow steps and simplifies concepts without making me feel inferior." 

With her guidance, I turned my hobby into a lucrative business in less than 60 days, increasing my sales by 200% and growing. I'm done guessing who the best expert to learn from is. I don't need to waste time or money on anyone else.

Vicki A.
Multi-Unit Franchisee

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We’re covering:

 The Reasons Behind Near-Misses: 

It’s not you, it’s how you have been programmed to structure your day that is the kryptonite killing your progress. Once you understand which tasks have a chokehold on results, it is simple to select your new wealth-building path.
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 The SWAG™ Schedule Methodology: 

Identify the activities that GET you on-track to meet your personal and business goals in record time.
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 Systems & Time Saving Hacks: 

Shrink tasks that used to take hours down to minutes with these proven systems.
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 Sanity, Wealth , & Gratitude™: 

Formulate a daily routine that ensures your mental sanity, expanded wealth, and a constant state of gratitude.

 10X Your Results: 

Multiply your success by strategically executing growth activities to scale business expansion at an accelerated rate
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What you get:
  • Your very own SWAG™ Blueprint Template to implement all you learn and keep you on-track to reach the Sanity, Wealth and Gratitude™ you desire. A $99 value.
  • Bonus AI Training - navigate the newest gadget in your entrepreneurial toolbelt and learn how to use AI to add more hours to your clock. A $350 value.
  • Navigating 2024 eBook - discover the secrets to how adaptability and innovation will rule the game in 2024, so you can stay ahead of the competition.  A $24 value.
  • Live Q&A - A workshop is only valuable if it is implemented, and we want to help with that too! Practice what you learn for 7 days, and then join us for a LIVE Q&A where April will answer your questions, identify bottlenecks, and clarify the tweaks you need to fully embrace your new schedule. A $800 value.
  • 30 Days of Support - Taking action on lessons you learned can be daunting... That’s why we are here to support you for 30 days after the workshop. I promise, what you learn will be easy to understand, but, like most habit-changing activities, us humans are at-risk of falling back to our old routine. Lean on us to stay committed to the path that is taking you to your full potential, and after 30 days, your “new” schedule will be your “normal” routine. A $1,500 value.

 A $2,773 package for only $99! 

Don’t miss this opportunity to build wealth everyday
in your business & life.


If owning a business feels like a burden rather than living out your calling and you’re ready to learn how to make business ownership simple and live-giving again…

  • If you’re working your tail off and yet feel like you’re in a rut…
  • If you know your business holds more potential, but you feel blind to how to bring it to the surface…
  • If you’re tired of letting your family down because you’re always focused on the business…

You are in the right place!

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Gone are the days... 

Where you left work and work stayed at work… at least, that’s what it feels like. A simple ding on your cell phone and you are pulled right back into another hour and a half worth of work.

Time freedom is available to you! It may not feel like it now, but you can have a thriving business and enough time to spend the evening with your family, take a vacation 4x a year, and unplug from technology.


Here’s how:

Develop an ownership mindset, where every little thing doesn’t get under your skin and you have the clarity to rank what the most important tasks are.

Set boundaries with intentional time to work ON the business. You’ll be surprised how much you can actually get done in that set amount of time.

Before now, you have worked hard, managing your time differently doesn’t mean that you are putting in any less effort. It means that you are prioritizing and structuring your days to be the best that you can be… at work and at home. 


Over the last few years, we’ve heard the same thing from business owners over and over: 

“I’m working all the time and not seeing the results I know the business is capable of.”

But the results from past attendees speaks for themselves:

  • Cleared their mind, focused on what tasks were important and doubled their revenue in the 4th quarter of 2023 compared to their projections.**

  • Closed out a record breaking year (2023) and has enough time to open another business because the original business is thriving on its own.**

This was just in the last quarter where there has been a record number of businesses owners claiming that burnout is their #1 nemesis.

**Note: These results will not happen for the average business owner. HOWEVER you’re anything but average.

If you are coachable, ready to tackle and implement any strategy with a proven record to provide success,
then this workshop will change your business & life for 2024.

No more working all of the hours to see little ROI.

No more questioning if you are just not cut out for business ownership.

No more wondering how “other” business owners juggle it all and still reap the benefits.


 "There's no telling

where my business would be without April in my back pocket. I for sure would not be opening my second business right now.

Cheryl P.
Multi-Unit Small Business Owner


Every moment counts as a business owner.

Chugging away on that hamster wheel will leave you with poor results in Q1.
The decisions you make today impact the rest of 2024.

So, if you want to learn proven strategies you can rely upon to get you out of the slump, clear your calendar and bring in more time freedom you’ve been dreaming of...

...then learn from the business owner strategist that has propelled many entrepreneurs into their dream lives allowing for that sigh of relief they’ve been craving.

Block your calendar & commit to yourself, your business, & your dreams that you will see them through with proven strategies & tactics.


Meet the Business Strategist who has propelled business owners into their record breaking year and got their time freedom back.


April Porter

Founder and CEO of Ask April Porter, Creator of the Infinite Franchisee®, International Best Selling Author, Attorney, and Award Winning Business Owner


Ten years ago, I was standing where you are. With my doors open, and no flood of customers walking through them. I was frustrated that my life was so far from what I had envisioned when I decided to leave my job as an attorney and open a business. 

But I'm also someone who doesn't give up easily... or ever for that matter.  So I dug my heels in and figured out a better way.

So much better that I ended up opening 3 more locations in less than 2 years and was named one of the top franchisees in the country. My approach to business ownership created explosive growth & a life of sanity for my husband & I. 

I used a strategic plan to motivate and empower every employee, allowing me to pass on daily tasks and become an absentee owner. While my fellow entrepreneurial peers were spending every waking hour in their business (the very same business model I had), I was working less than part-time on all 4 of my locations...combined!

So it was no surprise when fellow business owners started asking me what I was doing differently that led me to so much success while they remained stuck in the trenches. 

That's how "Ask April Porter" was born. I've taken everything I've learned and put it into a repeatable system that other business owners can apply to their businesses. 

Now I'm fulfilling my mission of teaching business owners how to fill the gap between their reality and the dream life they envisioned. 

In short, I help business owners accelerate their growth & profits in record time while achieving a life full of sanity they've always dreamed of. I can teach you too.

When you register for this workshop, you'll get OFF the "hamster wheel" and learn how to get ON the path to freedom.

Don't wait. You deserve this.

April Porter Headshot

Here’s to thriving businesses and lives in 2024. 🍾

Opportunities to learn proven strategies that work don’t come around often. So spread the word and help us reach business owners who want to get off the hamster wheel in 2024 and live their life in freedom.

If you know of a business owner that could benefit from this workshop, send this invite along for them to join us! Plus, it never hurts to have an accountability buddy.