April Porter Listen Care Succeed

2 min read

The Fear of Being Pushy in Sales

One of the most common objections business owners have about sales is the fear of coming across as pushy. This fear often comes from the belief that...

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Adapting to the chaning economy.

3 min read

The Power of Relevance

In the midst of a shifting economic landscape, small business owners find themselves facing challenges that demand innovative solutions. The impact...

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Debbie Ward and April Porter Cover Changes in the Digital Marketing Landscape

2 min read

Changes in the...

Insights from a Conversation with Marketing Expert Debbie Ward In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial...

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Ask April Porter

4 min read

Marketing Trends for 2023

Seems as though everyone is looking toward 2023 already. Who could blame them? Only 2 weeks out and we will be in a whole new year! Something that...

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