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Marketing Trends for 2023

Marketing Trends for 2023

Seems as though everyone is looking toward 2023 already. Who could blame them? Only 2 weeks out and we will be in a whole new year!

Something that you should keep in the forefront of your mind in 2023 is marketing, specifically Social Media marketing. 

I have gathered some information from fellow marketing gurus, that we know and trust, to bring you 3 trends to watch and plan for in 2023. 

So let’s get into it! Shall we?

Trend #1 – Facebook and Instagram are outta here! 

Now this does not mean that when the clock strikes midnight on Dec 31, that they will disappear. If your primary demographic is on Facebook then you need to continue to show up on Facebook and have a strategy in place. 

Even if your primary demographic is not on Facebook, repurposing content and posting on Facebook to stay relevant is not the worst idea. Chances are that the older demographics on Facebook all know of someone in your target demographic.

But yes, ‘tis true… more and more people are getting off of Facebook.

Instagram on the other hand is not as bad off as Facebook! Instagram has done a great job of staying relevant in a “TikTok and YouTube” world. 

The focus on Instagram in 2023 is creating reels and stories… consistently. And it doesn’t just stop there. You still want to post images so that your account appears well rounded by the algorithm. This way, you’ll have something to offer everyone on the platform.

Now, the algorithm on Instagram is special. Influencers and regular accounts across the platform are experiencing highs and lows in engagement. One second you are on top of the world, getting 40k views on a reel with thousands of likes, and the next you are wondering if you are being shadowband by the platform.

Some say that Instagram is moving toward more “pay to play” actions meaning you pay for ads to be seen more. Others say that if you make memorable, saveable, and informative content, consistently then all will be fine. The verdict is still out on this one, but we will keep our eyes peeled for you in the coming weeks to see which way it goes. 

In order to continue to stay relevant in 2023, Facebook and Instagram are going to be testing some new features in the coming year. So get ready for learning right along with the social media giants…it's gonna be a wild ride.

Marketing trend #2 that will lead you strong in the new year, Pinterest.

Not many consider Pinterest as a top platform for marketing their services. But truth be told, Pinterest is a search engine gold mine when you work it right.

In 2023 Pinterest is going back to how it was pre-2020. Plus they are going to have a significant algorithm change that will reward engagement even more! 

So what does this mean?

Regular standard pins are going to make a comeback. Meaning the normal “photo with a link” kind of pins are going to be pushed more on the platform.

For the past few years, Pinterest came out with something called “Idea Pins”, which is just another name for stories… just like on Facebook, Instagram and all the other platforms. Except Idea Pins stay forever unlike their social media counterparts which disappear within 24 hours.

Another big deal in 2023, Pinterest announced that Idea Pins will have the ability to have links attached to them, driving people back to your sites or your affiliate’s site. 

So to summarize it all up…

  • Pinterest is a search engine that many businesses do not tap into.
  • Focus on your engagement in 2023 if you want to be on the algorithms “good side” meaning focus on saves, pin clicks, and your outbound clicks (clicks taking people off of Pinterest)
  • Repurpose your stories from other social media platforms and post them as an Idea Pin where they can live forever on Pinterest.

The third trend I will cover are copywriting trends for the new year…

  1. Leverage negation in your copy. Meaning, use more words such as: can’t, never, none, no one, shouldn’t, doesn’t, not, nothing… and so on.

    Why? Because you are going to need “stickier”, “punchy” copy in the new year to grab attention. Plus, we are attracted to people who have an opinion. They are not wishy washy. They take a stand. 

An example would be “Marketing has never been easier.”

  1. You should start to see fewer double opt-ins.

    You know, that email you get back from someone after you subscribe to a newsletter… “Thanks for subscribing! Just to make sure, click this button to confirm you REALLY want to be on my mailing list.”

    There was a study done a few months back on this, and they found that a single opt-in generated $40 on the $1 spent in email marketing as opposed to double opt-ins only generating $22.

  2. You will see more chatbots by the end of 2023.

    People do not want to look for a way to contact people any more when they have a question. Nor do they want to wait by their emails refreshing the browser waiting for you to get back to them. They want the info now, otherwise they’ll move on.

    So if you don’t have a chatbot system set up on your website now, you should look into it.

  3. More emails are coming!

    Research has shown from Q3 and Q4 of 2022 that the more emails you send, the more that people will open them. Imagine that!

    The sweet spot seems to sit around 2x per week to email your list.

    Now, don’t question whether or not you are bugging your people! As long as you are giving them valuable information there is no need to fret.

So there you have it.

A few marketing trends for 2023 to keep your eyes on. 

If you want more information, like what I shared today for all aspects of marketing for your business, then get into the MegaProfit Marketing Academy.

Inside the academy you will find tons of videos, all 10 minutes or less talking about marketing strategy, social media, copywriting, funnel building, graphic design, etc. If it has to do with marketing it is in there! Plus, monthly Zoom meetings to get your questions answered by our marketing specialists.

Learn more about the MegaProfit Marketing Academy here and have an amazing marketing strategy in 2023.

Thanks to our marketing friends at Jana O. Media, Ashlyn Writes, Volume 99 and Hootsuite for their input.

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