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Gratitude – A Powerful Tool You’re Not Using

Gratitude – A Powerful Tool You’re Not Using

Is there a tool you can use to achieve your goals in 2023? One single tool that is so mighty to change your life and make your dreams come true no matter what’s going on in the world?

I say Yes. And I think you know that tool, too. However, it is so underused, underrated, and devalued on our road to success that we often forget it. Or even worse – we use it as a manipulation weapon rather than a powerful tool of creation and success.

I know it’s easy to get sucked into the abyss of the things that are going on nowadays (with all the global shifts, wars, food and gas prices, job market, supply chain issues, name it…). It’s not surprising that we forget about the feminine tools of creation.

But here’s what I know for sure: we’ll all get through this. The economy will write itself eventually, as well as the housing market and all of the things we’re currently worried about. 

But in the meantime, there are things that you can do in your personal economy and in the way that you’re spending your time, thoughts, and energy to make your ride a whole lot smoother than perhaps it is right now. 

One of those things is returning to this mighty tool and using it deliberately to shift the tide. And that’s the very topic of today’s episode.

Tune in for this episode as I’m talking about the powerful tool we can use intentionally to change our life and get out of the struggle we’re currently in.

Let’s dive in!


I Used Gratitude as a Weapon

Yes, that almighty tool is gratitude. I know it’s easy to forget it amid all the turmoil happening outside. Or, as I said, to use it as a weapon… Actually, I fell into that trap of “Yeah, buts.”

At one point, I made gratitude lists sobbing about what a poor show my life was. I was listing all of these things that are really good compared to people in third-world countries or even who I was last year. 

But instead of focusing on how my life is so much better now, I would somehow end up thinking,  “Yeah, but you don’t understand how hard life is in third-world countries,” or “Yeah, but you were younger five years ago.” 

Also, when I started my business, I was so afraid of failing and getting it wrong. And quite honestly, I had a super perverted relationship with God because I was like, “Have I run out of my quota of miracles and blessings?” 

I would say, “Thank you so much for this new client.” And then I’d be immediately like, “Please send me ten more clients!” But I was acting out of the feeling of desperation and not enoughness… And the irrational fear that I won’t get any new clients ever again. 

That’s what I mean when I mention using gratitude as a weapon… or a weapon of manipulation. 

It wasn’t the sincere gratitude of a woman who is not only going to change her world but many generations as well because she can’t help but teach her children by modeling the way she changes for them.


What’s Blowing Up Today?

In today’s circumstances, it’s even easier to slip into weaponizing gratitude. Despite all the principles I’m teaching (and living by), I got sucked into the news abyss for a little while and got addicted to it. (I’m not immune to it – we’re on the same boat.)

I was like, “Hey, what’s blowing up today?” And it was everything – from Ukraine to our money, the job market, housing… Everything is blowing up in a really bad way, and I got addicted to that drama that was making me feel:

  • angrier at the current administration
  • powerless
  • really scared and small

Then I realized it was going against what I teach. Plus, it wasn’t doing me any favors. So I decided to stop the YouTube scroll and the news feed. Because I could be irate and riot in my mind against all the injustices that are going on right now… 

Or I could focus on something that actually does me some good and helps me grow. It was an easy choice – I returned to what I teach and started applying it again. And one of the things I eagerly returned to is gratitude.


What I Already Have Is Enough 

When you are in a sincere place of gratitude, you’re not just ticking off the list or writing it down. You’re feeling it and thinking about what you’re grateful for and what you can appreciate right now.

And it does a number of things in your life. First and foremost, gratitude makes what you already have enough. (Instead of the “Yeah, I’ve got all this, but I still don’t have that.”)

When we’re focusing on what we don’t have, we’re focusing on lack. And guess what – in that way, we’re creating more lack. But when we’re focusing on what we can appreciate that’s working for us right now, it makes everything that we have right now enough

That place of enoughness is where we want to work from. That’s how you start telling your subconscious / God / the Universe that you already have enough. And the Universe will send you more of what you already have enough.

For instance, start with: We’ve got enough to pay the bills today. I don’t know if we’ll have enough to pay the bills next week, but next week doesn’t even exist yet. Today, we have enough – thank you!

Or: We might not be able to travel first class for the next little while. But we can still travel. And we might not be going on a cross-country road trip right now. But we can go across the states and discover something we’ve never done in our own backyard – thank you!

It’s much easier to start building from gratitude for what you already have enough than from lack. 


I Have Received

The second reason why gratitude is the most underrated, yet the most powerful tool to use in times like this, is because it puts you in a place of receiving. 

We’re always receiving something. The only question is what we are calibrated to? 

  • Anger and injustice? 
  • Everything always works out for me? 
  • I’m so grateful that I’m rich? 
  • Endless and limitless supply? 
  • Not enough-ness? 

We know what we’re calibrated to based on how we’re feeling and what our dominant thoughts are. So when we say, Thank you, and connect to that, we feel good, safe, and like moving forward. 

We are in the mood to surf these waves instead of getting drowned by them. 

Gratitude says, “I have received.” It’s the ultimate in receiving. When expressing gratitude for what we already have, we will receive more of that. And we live in a very generous Universe, and you can’t imagine what abundance you can receive from it. 


A Step Further in Gratitude

We can take gratitude one step farther and start feeling thankful for those things that have not manifested physically for you yet, but you feel it as if it’s already here. It can do so many things for you, but first of all, it pops you out of lack. 

When you feel it’s already here, you stop yearning, craving, wanting it – because it’s already here. If you allow yourself to first express gratitude for what’s already here and feel it in your mind and your body as if it’s already here, you’re sending out two really loud signals:

1. It signals your body and subconscious to bring that to you. When you’re running those programs, the function of the brain is to make your subconscious programs a reality. So if your program is gratitude, it moves your body into that vibration and commands your subconscious to bring you more of whatever feeling you experience. 

2. When you’ve moved your body into a vibration of receiving, now you’re actually broadcasting that signal to the Universe. And the Universe responds to emotion/vibration. 

Once you start continually expressing gratitude and truly feeling it, you will change, and you will notice it first – the interchanges come first. As you stay calibrated to gratitude, your outer world will change. 

It has to – its law! And it’s not man-made law, which can change on a dime. It is a universal, immutable law of prosperity. So, play with it, pick it up, use it, and tell me if you’re making any progress on your journey.


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