2023 Guide to Gaining More Customers

How to move people from "Who are you?" to "Raving Fans" that purchase again & again in 90 days.

Presented by Ask April Porter.

Get clarity on what's working, 4x your traffic and increase customer spending.

 May 19 11am CST / Noon EST

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What to expect in the
2023 Guide to Gaining
More Customers

Get Clarity on What's Working

Pinpoint where your marketing is failing, learn what to stop doing & what  to start doing.

4x Your Traffic

Identify the key components to turn bystanders to customers steadily walking through your door.

Increase Customer Spending

Magnify customer spending so they spend more often and multiply your profits when more customers buy often and invest more.

Walk away...

  • Knowing the most strategic way to build your marketing plan.
  • Moving customers through your doors constantly with no more dry spells!
  • Keeping customers as long time loyal fans with proven strategies that make it easy.
  • Applying everything you learned to your business easily and immediately.

Your Host
April Porter

April is the Founder and CEO of Ask April Porter, the world's only franchise strategist who has been an award-winning multi-unit franchisee and experienced the loneliness and stresses that come with that title. 

Now, she has made it her mission to support you and the success of your business, teach you how to avoid all the mistakes that amplify the chaos you feel and instead, capitalize on the opportunities in your business that will bring you SWAG™ - Sanity, Wealth and Gratitude™.

Join April as she hosts the 2023 Guide to Gaining More Customers, while you get clarity on what's working, 4x your traffic and increase customer spending.

April Porter

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your business' full potential and watch your revenue speed to your dream destination!